We are an alternative distribution company in which Banks/financial services utilize our mobile agents services to expand the reach of their existing network.
In the era of digitalization, Banks are racing to implement digital banks reaching out their online customers.  We are the solution for Banks as an alternative delivery channel (ADC) in reaching out their offline customers, fast and secure, without spending on their brick-and-mortar costs.

Our mission is to play roles in the ecosystem delivering financial services to untapped market driving financial inclusion to all people.

Our mission to solve 4 Banks issues:

The need of Banking digitalization

Our technology provide banks with seamless process to open bank accounts and providing consumer/micro loans

Customer Convenience

With our agent networks, we deliver clients product/services to their customer at their convenient place/time

Fraud & Regulatory Issues

Online engagement delivers challenges for financial institutions to cope with regulatory matters. Our biometric KYC device eliminate fraudulent ID/KTP while providing proper KYC process

Cost Efficiency

Indonesia spreads out 17k islands, it is impossible for financial institutions to be physically present in each islands. By providing service per trx, we take over the fix cost of the banks