Our Logistic Solution

Finfleet offers a secure and efficient courier service that can deliver your parcels to many cities across the country.

Our Courier Service :

Same Day Delivery
Next Day Delivery
Regular Delivery
Payment on Delivery / COD
High Value Item Delivery (Gold / Jewelry)

Focus on your product or service while Finfleet is taking care of the delivery. Get real-time updates with our digital tools that will give you control and peace of mind at every stage of your shipment's journey.

Integrated System

Application based report showing your order, pickup, and delivery status update of your shipment, including pictures for proof of recipient.

Free Pick Up

Worry no more about where is the nearest pick-up points. Our fleet will pick up your goods anywhere you are. For free.

Live Status Update

Digital Signature & Picture Of Recipient. Track your order and get a real-time update on your shipment status through our Shipper Dashboard.

Compiled Report

Skip the trouble of developing a very complicated report. Our system will provide you with a detailed yet easy to understand report.


Start sending to anywhere across the country.


Our highly trained drivers will always be ready to deliver your goods and meet all of your business needs.


Our Shipper Dashboard is easy to use and can be integrated into your system to meet your shipping requirements.