Our Financial Solution

Our vast network of highly trained agents will provide your institutions with the last miles customer engagement services for a complete financial solution for your customers. Anytime and anywhere.

For over 2 (two) years, we are recognized for our work in product and channel innovation, and implementation support nationwide.

Our clients consist of local and international banks and financial services institutions, including loans, insurance, and fintech start-ups across the country.

As a client, you will enjoy our last miles solutions such as:



Customer Validation

and Verification

Card Delivery

with Number Masking

Activation and


Our Clients

Customer Acquisition

We support our clients in acquiring new customers. From opening a bank account, applying for a credit card to signing up for a new loan and subscribing to an insurance product, our mobile agents are highly trained in the financial service sector and understand the market well.

With our presence nationwide, we can support your business in acquiring new customers, enabling you to penetrate the market quickly and more cost-efficient.

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Customer Validation and Verification

Our Customer Validation service provides the government-approved Know Your Customer (KYC) validation process to fulfill regulation and business requirements.

Several KYC technologies we have are ranging from biometric KYC, online KYC software to API validation, and offline validation. Those technologies can also be integrated into the client's system for the seamless verification process.

Our Customer Validation and Verification Service.

  • Are available in metro cities across the country
  • Have a dedicated and local based server
  • Secure. We scribble data after verification processes are complete
  • Customized appointments with on-demand or time slot module are available
  • Up to 2 (two) visit attempts
  • Validations via documents or validations via Biometric device (ID scan and fingerprint scan) is available
  • Real-time information update through a dedicated dashboard

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Financial Express

We help our clients to deliver their financial service products (bank statements, debit and credit card, goods, parcels, and other necessary documents) to their customer doorstep.

Powered with the latest logistics technology, our clients can monitor their shipments at every stage of its journey, including pictures for proof of delivery.

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Mobile ATM

Our Mobile ATM service connects you with the opportunity to offer a payment service to your customers, who are unable to come over the counter to execute transactions.

Our Mobile ATM Service.

  • Cash Collection
    • Loan Payment
    • Insurance Premium Payment
    • Cash on Delivery (CoD)
  • Saving Account Cash Deposit

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