Digital Integrated Outsourcing Solutions

The speed of fulfillment in the process of distributing human resources with manual recruitment process often hampers demand. Meanwhile, the number of requests is high with qualified worker standards and employee remuneration processes that have not been well integrated. By having a collection of candidates, Finfleet is able to provide less than 72 hours in hr distribution. The SCION Scorecard system is applied in job adjustments. The implementation of a digital monitor system uses KPIs and metrics that are appropriate to the work. Digital programs also calculate remuneration automatically and more efficiently.

Our Services

Professional Employee Organization

We provide human resource outsourcing with robust performance monitoring & integrated-scorecard system.


We provide:
  • Access to ready for hire with legal compliance.
  • Curated talent pool using proven psychometric performance.
  • Custom on-boarding training following your company requirements.
  • Automatically payroll calculation based on employees attendance and performance.

Customer Acquisitions for Banks/Financial Services

We provide end-to-end solution to engage with our clients customers
  • Instant paperless account opening/loan disbursement
  • Merchant Acquisition, Payroll
  • Canvassing, Community, Mall Agent, on-demand visitation
  • Fully digital account opening
We provide end-to-end solution to our clients from trained dedicated agents to commissioned based agents

KYC & Verifications

We provide complete KYC & Verifications technology and services enabling our clients to give real time approval for their customers anytime/anywhere.
We provide services, such as:
  • On-line Dukcapil for ID number verification using our agent’s mobile phone thru API connection
  • Fully digital account opening process without video call
  • eKTP verification using eKTP Reader as part of our agent equipment
  • Loans verification by providing the information & pictures of business conditions which can be accessed by clients through dashboard
  • Re-Appraisal services for houses/apartments/shophouse
  • Documents or wet signature or cash pick-up supported with location tag & pictures.
  • Real time loan approval/account opening

Financial / High Value Items Logistic

Our secured delivery system provides real time concise delivery status.


We provide:
  • Dashboard for clients/call center to access the delivery status
  • Proof of delivery with pictures of recipient
  • Timestamp and location tag of delivered items
  • Phone number masking to provide security of our client customer
    where our agent can contact customer without knowing customer’s
    mobile number.

Our System

Our system fully integrate with :

A secure and easy to monitor face-to-face service. Our agent use mobile application for customer acquisition, verification or collecting information. The agents represent an alternative delivery channel (ADC), ensuring the compliance norms of KYC with biometrics. ​

Using biometric or central authority make sure your customer is the correct one. Providing offline or online verification service that suitable for your current banking condition.

Upgrades your process in real-time. Paperless process give insight through our client dashboard – we can also help you to analyze specific data using AI or ML technologie.

A must for any technology company in financial industry. How we can make sure data are safe and properly handling with us.

An outsourcing profile integrated with a Scorecard Agent that can set job matches

Performance monitoring is done with easy-to-use applications to monitor and maintain daily operations.

Geolocation with real-time information that reflects the situation on the ground as well as monitoring for logistics activities and work presence

Our Clients